Beds4Kids - Mustard Seed

Beds4Kids Program

Did you have fun staying up until the wee hours with your friends, playing games, listening to music and then finally going to sleep on the floor?

When everyone got tired, they would plop their sleeping bags down on the living room floor and snooze. It was great to wake up surrounded by your friends.

Well, sleeping on the floor is not so much fun when it is a nightly occurrence. For too many children in our area, sleeping on the floor, or in a broken or shared bed, is a reality.

Through our Beds4Kids program, the Mustard Seed Furniture Bank provides new beds for children who are in such situations. Since 2002, we have provided over 4,400 children with a bed of their own! These beds are the direct result of individual donations to Mustard Seed. You, too, can help ensure a bed for a child through your donation of $100. Donate today and sleep well tonight!